Thoughts from the Ongisphere

Structural REform

development, IIIF, RERUMJanuary 29, 20190 Comments

The world of annotations is one of unstructured targeting.  There is an existing piece of data somewhere in the

A IIIF Concordance

UncategorizedNovember 18, 20180 Comments

As IIIF Manifests increasingly contain transcription annotations, the tools that are able to handle these documents must also treat

Rerum Enters Public Alpha

IIIF, News, RERUMMay 23, 20180 Comments

Come one, come all. What is this Rerum of which we Tweet? Rerum is an open and free repository

The Standards Approach

development, IIIF, RERUMMay 18, 20180 Comments

As developers in the field we want to follow the standards emerging for the web and for data. For

Auth + Attribution of Open Data

development, RERUM, , May 17, 20180 Comments

Open Data is supposed to be accessible without any constraints to availability.   The idea of authentication around Open Data

Authentication and Attribution in RERUM

development, RERUMMay 15, 20180 Comments

Any new web service or application must take a considered look at authorization, authentication, and attribution—authorization, to make changes


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